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Here you will find comprehensive information on over 400 anthems past and present, including the background, title, sheet music (if available), a music file in MP3 format, and lyrics (usually with an English translation as well). You can find an anthem in the menu at the top alphabetically or you can use the search feature.

This site is focussed on the scholarly study of national anthems (anthematology) and the inclusion of a particular anthem should not be taken as an expression of political beliefs of the editors of the site. We strive for the information on this page to be factual, even in the dealing of anthems some may find “controversial”.  We also try to be as up to date as possible, presenting information as we can determine its veracity on a de facto basis if not de jure, however, information, especially in recent news, may change quickly and the information on our site may also change with new information that is discovered.

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We hope that this reference tool is of use to anyone wanting to learn more about the nations of the world. We truly believe that knowledge of other nations and cultures will help lead to further peace and understanding in the world, and learning about other anthems is a good beginning.